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Price Pump Model - AOD
The AOD® ...a great utility pump. Wherever compressed air is available--
you can have an AOD® solving a pumping problem.

Pumps from 1/4" to 3" Inlet/Outlet with Metallic and Non-Metallic designs. ANSI/DIN flanges on selected non-metallic pumps and BSP Ports on selected metallic pumps. Patented, Oil-Less, Stall-Free Air Valve.

AOD® Pumping:
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Applications and Fluids:
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  • Stall-FreeDesign
    Our "posi-shift", tandem spool air distribution valve insures reliable operation in all types of low pressure and stop/start applications. Plus, fewer parts and no o-rings result in easier maintenance.
  • Oil-less Operation
    No metal to metal wearing surfaces. State of the art materials and precision-manufacturing techniques combine to provide the industry's original completely oil-less design. This design means: no oil misting into the environment, no unhealthy working conditions, no oil, lubricants or grease to contaminate your products. Our oil-less design results in lower operating and maintenance costs. This design has been field proven, working trouble-free since its introduction over 15 years ago.
  • Externally Serviceable Air Valve
    No need to disassemble the pump for routine maintenance. The air valve can be quickly and easily maintained with minimal downtime.
  • Quiet Operation
    Air valve design minimizes exhaust noise providing a significantly quieter work environment.
  • Variety of Elastomers
    AOD® pumps can be assembled with the elastomer that matches your application; Neoprene, Buna-N, Nordel®, Teflon®, Santoprene® and Viton® are all available.
  • Plastic Air Valve Body
    Models up to 1-1/2" incorporate plastic air valve bodies for greater corrosion resistance in aggressive environments.
  • Note: Stainless Steel models are not sanitary rated, but may be used in certain sanitary applications.

Stall-free Performance:

  • Widest performance envelope-operates on as low as 5 PSI (.35 kg/cm2) and as slow as 1 GPH (3.5 liter/hr).
  • Bulk transfer applications- even dry powder can be handled efficiently.
  • 100% confidence in start/stop batching applications.
  • 100% confidence for "on-demand"  dispensing systems.
  • Viscous liquids, paint and inks are efficiently handled.
  • Excellent on low flow chemical injection systems.

Oil-Less Operation:
  • No oil misting into the environment
  • No unhealthy working conditions
  • No oil, lubricants or grease to contaminate your products
  • Air Valve Assemblies include specially modified flourocarbon resin materials which glide smoothly without lubrication.
  • All dynamic sealing is completed without the use of O-rings, resulting in less wear.

Minimal Maintenance:

  • The externally serviceable main spool makes inspection quick and easy. All AOD® models allow simple access to the main spool.
  • There is never a need to take the pump out of service or to disassemble the pump to inspect the main spool.
  • Utilizing the fewest air valve components of any major diaphragm pump manufacturer.

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